About Us

Pravakar Mallick
Founder / General Secretary
Odisha Motor Chalaka Sangha

Objectives of Odisha Motor Chalaka Sangha

  1. To foster the spirit of solidarity, service, brother hood and co-operation among the members, with a view to create harmonious working condition in the working industry.
  2. To raise the status and improve the conditions as well as the service conditions of the members and to achieve equality of rights and privileges for the work.
  3. To secure effective and complete organization of the members.
  4. To be affiliated to other institution connected with labour and having the interest of Labour as their objects.
  5. To obtain and maintain a fair and adequate rate of wages, reasonable hours of work, financial benefits from the Government as well as the employer in various manner and generally to ameliorate in every way the position of members and in pursuance of those objects to rovide such benefits as terms and conditions may ermit.
  6. To conduct trade disputes and to provide relief to members during Trade disputes.
  7. To make all arrangements for the prosecution or defence of any legal proceeding to which the Sangh or any member thereof is a party. When such prosecution of defence is undertaken for the purpose of securing or protecting any right of the Sangha as such or any right arising out of the relation or any member with his employer.
  8. To secure for the members’ freedom of speech, freedom of Association, free primary education and adult suffrage.
  9. To solve the workers problem through peaceful negotiation and discussion and to watch the national interest, protest against corruption and antisocial elements.
  10. To conduct entertainment programme, sports and other social activities for the interest of its member and their family members.
  11. To assist better medical treatment for the members and their family members.
  12. To establish a conductive environment and safe working condition for the members of the Sangha.
  13. To arrange for compensation in case of accidental injury and death of any worker member.

(Pravakar Mallick)
General Secretary
Odisha Motor Chalaka Sangha